500 Easy Forms of Verb in English PDF

Base Form of Verbs

The most important use of verbs for speaking, reading and writing in proper English.

500 easy forms of verbs in English Proper use of verbs is very important for speaking and writing in proper English.

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V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 Form of Verbs

Verb 5 basic form: the base/present form, the past form, the past participle form, the e/s/ies form, the 'ing' form.
  • We present to you a form action list that is easy to learn.
  • class 6 to class 10 easy forms of verbs in English Grammar.
  • HSC forms of verb list a to z
  • 500 Easy Forms of Verb in English PDF

    List of Common Verbs in English PDF

    Forms Of Verb Lists

    SL Present Form Past Form Past Participle Form s/es/ies ing Form
    1 accept accepted accepted accepts accepting
    2 accompany accompanied accompanied accompanies accompanying
    3 ache ached ached aches aching
    4 achieve achieved achieved achieves achieving
    5 acquire acquired acquired acquires acquiring
    6 act acted acted acts acting
    7 add added added adds adding
    8 address addressed addressed addresses addressing
    9 adjust adjusted adjusted adjusts adjusting
    10 admire admired admired admires admiring
    11 admit admitted admitted admits admitting
    12 advise advised advised advises advising
    13 afford afforded afforded affords affording
    14 agree agreed agreed agrees agreeing
    15 alight alit alit alights alighting
    16 allow allowed allowed allows allowing
    17 animate animated animated animates animating
    18 announce announced announced announces announcing
    19 answer answered answered answers answering
    20 appear appeared appeared appears appearing
    21 apply applied applied applies applying
    22 approach approached approached approaches approaching
    23 approve approved approved approves approving
    24 arrange arranged arranged arranges arranging
    25 ask asked asked asks asking
    26 assert asserted asserted asserts asserting
    27 assort assorted assorted assorts assorting
    28 attack attacked attacked attacks attacking
    29 attend attended attended attends attending
    30 attract attracted attracted attracts attracting
    31 audit audited audited audits auditing
    32 awake awoke awoken awakes awaking
    33 bat batted batted bats batting
    34 be (am, are) was / were been is being
    35 bear bore born bears bearing
    36 bear bore borne bears bearing
    37 beat beat beaten beats beating
    38 beautify beautified beautified beautifies beautifying
    39 become became become becomes becoming
    40 befall befell befallen befalls befalling
    41 beg begged begged begs begging
    42 begin began begun begins beginning
    43 behave behaved behaved behaves behaving
    44 behold beheld beheld beholds beholding
    45 believe believed believed believes believing
    46 belong belonged belonged belongs belonging
    47 bend bent bent bends bending
    48 bet bet bet bets betting
    49 bid bade bidden bids bidding
    50 bind bound bound binds binding
    51 bite bit bitten bites biting
    52 bleed bled bled bleeds bleeding
    53 bless blessed blessed blesses blessing
    54 blow blew blown blows blowing
    55 board boarded boarded boards boarding
    56 bow bowed bowed bows bowing
    57 box boxed boxed boxes boxing
    58 break broke broken breaks breaking
    59 breed bred bred breeds breeding
    60 bring brought brought brings bringing
    61 broadcast broadcast broadcast broadcasts broadcasting
    62 brush brushed brushed brushes brushing
    63 build built built builds building
    64 burn burnt burnt burns burning
    65 bust bust bust busts busting
    66 buy bought bought buys buying
    67 buzz buzzed buzzed buzzes buzzing
    68 calculate calculated calculated calculates calculating
    69 call called called calls calling
    70 canvass canvassed canvassed canvasses canvassing
    71 capture captured captured captures capturing
    72 carry carried carried carries carrying
    73 carve carved carved carves carving
    74 cash cashed cashed cashes cashing
    75 cast cast cast casts casting
    76 catch caught caught catches catching
    77 cause caused caused causes causign
    78 cease ceased ceased ceases ceasing
    79 celebrate celebrated celebrated celebrates celebrating
    80 challenge challenged challenged challenges challenging
    81 change changed changed changes changing
    82 charge charged charged charges charging
    83 chase chased chased chases chasing
    84 chat chatted chatted chats chatting
    85 check checked checked checks checking
    86 cheer cheered cheered cheers cheering
    87 chew chewed chewed chews chewing
    88 chide chid chid chides chiding
    89 chip chipped chipped chips chipping
    90 choke choked choked chokes choking
    91 choose chose chosen chooses choosing
    92 classify classified classified classifies classifying
    93 clean cleaned cleaned cleans cleaning
    94 cleave clove cloven cleaves cleaving
    95 click clicked clicked clicks clicking
    96 climb climbed climbed climbs climbing
    97 close closed closed closes closing
    98 clothe clad clad clothes clothing
    99 collect collected collected collects collecting
    100 color colored colored colors coloring
    101 come came come comes coming
    102 comment commented commented comments commenting
    103 compare compared compared compares comparing
    104 compel compelled compelled compels compelling
    105 complete completed completed completes completing
    106 complain complained complained complains complaining
    107 conclude concluded concluded concludes concluding
    108 conduct conducted conducted conducts conducting
    109 confess confessed confessed confesses confessing
    110 confine confined confined confines confining
    111 confuse confused confused confuses confusing
    112 congratulate congratulated congratulated congratulates congratulating
    113 connect connected connected connects connecting
    114 connote connoted connoted connotes connoting
    115 consent consented consented consents consenting
    116 consider conserved conserved conserves conserving
    117 consign consigned consigned consigns consigning
    118 consist consisted consisted consists consisting
    119 console consoled consoled consoles consoling
    120 constitute constituted constituted constitutes constituting
    121 contain contained contained contains containing
    122 contend contended contended contends contending
    123 contest contested contested contests contesting
    124 continue continued continued continues continuing
    125 contract contracted contracted contracts contracting
    126 control controlled controlled controls controlling
    127 converge converged converged converges converging
    128 convert converted converted converts converting
    129 coo cooed cooed coos cooing
    130 cook cooked cooked cooks cooking
    131 co-operate co-operated co-operated co-operates co-operating
    132 cope coped cope copes coping
    133 copy copied copied copies copying
    134 cost cost cost costs costing
    135 cough coughed coughed coughs coughing
    136 count counted counted counts counting
    137 course coursed coursed courses coursing
    138 cover covered covered covers covering
    139 crave craved craved craves craving
    140 create created created creates creating
    141 cross crossed crossed crosses crossing
    142 crowd crowded crowded crowds crowding
    143 curb curbed curbed curbs curing
    144 crack cracked cracked cracks cracking
    145 cry cried cried cries crying
    146 curve curved curved curves curving
    147 cut cut cut cuts cutting
    148 cycle cycled cycled cycles cycling
    149 dedicate dedicated dedicated dedicates dedicating
    150 decrease decreased decreased decreases decreasing
    151 derive deried derived derives deriving
    152 damage damaged damaged damages damaging
    153 damp damped damped damps damping
    154 dance danced danced dances dancing
    155 deal dealt dealt deals dealing
    156 decide decided decided decides deciding
    157 declare declared declared declares declaring
    158 delete deleted deleted deletes deleting
    159 depend depended depended depends depending
    160 describe described described describes describing
    161 destroy destroyed destroyed destroys destroying
    162 determine determined determined determines determining
    163 develop developed developed develops developing
    164 die died died dies dying
    165 direct directed directed directs directing
    166 discover discovered discovered discovers discovering
    167 discuss discussed discussed discusses discussing
    168 display displayed displayed displays displaying
    169 distribute distributed distributed distributes distributing
    170 disturb disturbed disturbed disturbs disturbing
    171 do did done does doing
    172 donate donated donated donates donating
    173 download downloaded downloaded downloads downloading
    174 drag dragged dragged drags dragging
    175 draw drew drawn draws drawing
    176 dream dreamt dreamt dreams dreaming
    177 dress dressed dressed dresses dressing
    178 drink drank drunk drinks drinking
    179 drive drove driven drives driving
    180 drop dropped dropped drops dropping
    181 dry dried dried dries drying
    182 dye dyed dyed dyes dyeing
    183 earn earned earned earns earning
    184 eat ate eaten eats eating
    185 educate educated educated educates educating
    186 empty emptied emptied empties emptying
    187 encourage encouraged encouraged encourages encouraging
    188 encroach encroached encroached encroaches encroaching
    189 endanger endangered endangered endangers endangering
    190 enjoy enjoyed enjoyed enjoys enjoying
    191 enter entered entered enters entering
    192 escape escaped escaped escapes escaping
    193 exchange exchanged exchanged exchanges exchanging
    194 exclude excluded excluded excludes excluding
    195 exist existed existed exists existing
    196 expand expanded expanded expands expanding
    197 expect expected expected expects expecting
    198 explain explained explained explains explaining
    199 express expressed expressed expresses expressing
    200 eye eyed eyed eyes eyeing
    201 face faced faced faces facing
    202 fail failed failed fails failing
    203 fall fell fallen falls falling
    204 fan fanned fanned fans fanning
    205 favour favoured favoured fovours favouring
    206 fax faxed faxed faxes faxing
    207 feed fed fed feeds feeding
    208 feel felt felt feels feeling
    209 fight fought fought fights fighting
    210 fill filled filled fills filling
    211 find found found finds finding
    212 finish finished finished finishes finishing
    213 fit fitted fitted fits fitting
    214 fix fixed fixed fixes fixing
    215 flash flashed flashed flashes flashing
    216 float floated floated floats floating
    217 fly flew flown flies flying
    218 fold folded folded folds folding
    219 follow followed followed follows following
    220 force forced forced forces forcing
    221 forecast forecast forecast forecasts forecasting
    222 forget forgot forgotten forgives forgiving
    223 forgive forgave forgiven forgives forgiving
    224 form formed formed forms forming
    225 found founded founded founds founding
    226 frame framed framed frames framing
    227 free freed freed frees freeing
    228 fry fried fried fries frying
    229 gain gained gained gains gaining
    230 get got got gets getting
    231 give gave given gives giving
    232 go went gone goes going
    233 grade graded graded grades grading
    234 grant granted granted grants granting
    235 grow grew grown grows growing
    236 guess guessed guessed guesses guarding
    237 guide guided guided guides guiding
    238 handle handled handled handles handling
    239 happen happened happened happens happening
    240 hate hated hated hates hating
    241 have had had has having
    242 help helped helped helps helping
    243 hide hid hidden hides hiding
    244 hold held held holds holding
    245 hit hit hit hits hitting
    246 hop hopped hopped hops hopping
    247 hope hoped hoped hopes hoping
    248 hunt hunted hunted hunts hunting
    249 ignore ignored ignored ignores ignoring
    250 impair impaired impaired impairs impairing
    251 impart imparted imparted imparts imparting
    252 import imported imported imports importing
    253 improve improved improved improves improving
    254 include included included including
    255 increase increased increased increases increasing
    256 indent indented indented indents indenting
    257 infect infected infected infects infecting
    258 infest infested infested infests infesting
    259 inform informed informed informs informing
    260 inhabit inhabited inhabited inhabits inhabiting
    261 inject injected injected injects injecting
    262 injure injured injured injures injuring
    263 input input input inputs inputting
    264 insert inserted inserted inserts inserting
    265 install installed installed installs installing
    266 insure insured insured insures insuring
    267 introduce introduced introduced introduces introducing
    268 invite invited invited invites inviting
    269 join joined joined joins joining
    270 jump jumped jumped jumps jumping
    271 justify justified justified justifies jumping
    272 keep kept kept keeps keeping
    273 kick kicked kicked kicks kicking
    274 kid kidded kidded kids kidding
    275 kill killed killed kills killing
    276 kiss kissed kissed kisses kissing
    277 kneel knelt knelt kneels kneeling
    278 know knew known knows knowning
    279 land landed landed lands landing
    280 laugh laughed laughed laughs laughing
    281 lay laid laid lays laying
    282 lead led led leads leading
    283 learn learnt learnt learns learning
    284 leave left left leaves leaving
    285 let let let lets letting
    286 lie lay lain lies lying
    287 lift lifted lifted lifts lifting
    288 light lit lit lights lighting
    289 listen listened listened listens listening
    290 live lived lived lives living
    291 lose lost lost loses losing
    292 love loved loved loves loving
    293 magnify magnified magnified magnifies magnifying
    294 maintain maintained maintained maintains maintaining
    295 make made made makes making
    296 manage managed managed manages managing
    297 march marched marched marches marching
    298 mark marked marked marks marking
    299 marry married married marries marrying
    300 match matched matched matches matching
    301 mash mashed mashed mashes mashing
    302 matter mattered mattered matters mattering
    303 mean meant meant means meaning
    304 measure measured measured measures measuring
    305 meet met met meets meeting
    306 mind minded minded minds minding
    307 miss missed missed misses missing
    308 mistake mistook mistaken mistakes mistaking
    309 mix mixed mixed mixes mixing
    310 modify modified modified modifies modifying
    311 motivate motivated motivated motivates motivating
    312 move moved moved moves moving
    313 multiply multiplied multiplied multiplies multiplying
    314 need needed needed needs needing
    315 note noted noted notes nodding
    316 notice noticed noticed notices noticing
    317 notify notified notified notifies notifying
    318 oblige obliged obliged obliges obliging
    319 offer offered offered offers offering
    320 offset offset offset offsets offsetting
    321 omit omitted omitted omits omitting
    322 open opened opened opens opening
    323 operate operated operated operates operating
    324 optimize optimized optimized optimizes optimizing
    325 order ordered ordered orders ordering
    326 organize organized organized organizes organizing
    327 output output output outputs outputting
    328 overflow overflowed overflowed overflows overflowing
    329 overtake overtook overtaken overtakes overtaking
    330 owe owed owed owes owing
    331 own owned owned owns owning
    332 opine opined opined opines opining
    333 pray prayed prayed prays praying
    334 practice practiced practiced practices practicing
    335 pollute polluted polluted pollutes polluting
    336 plot plotted plotted plots plotting
    337 paint painted painted paints painting
    338 part parted parted parts parting
    339 participate participated participated participates participating
    340 pass passed passed passes passing
    341 paste pasted pasted pastes pasting
    342 pay paid paid pays paying
    343 permit permitted permitted permits permitting
    344 place placed placed places placing
    345 plan planned planned plans planning
    346 play played played plays playing
    347 please pleased pleased pleases pleasing
    348 press pressed pressed presses pressing
    349 print printed printed prints printing
    350 promise promised promised promises promising
    351 put put put puts putting
    352 push pushed pushed pushes pushing
    353 propose proposed proposed proposes proposing
    354 protect protected protected protects protecting
    355 produce produced produced produces producing
    356 prepare prepared prepared prepares preparing
    357 quit quit quit quits quitting
    358 question questioned questioned questionsq questioning
    359 qualify qualified qualified qualifies qualifying
    360 race raced raced races racing
    361 rain rained rained rains raining
    362 reach reached reached reaches reaching
    363 read read read reads reading
    364 realize realized realized realizes realizing
    365 recast recast recast recasts recasting
    366 receive received received receives receiving
    367 redo redid redone redoes redoing
    368 refer referred feferred refers refering
    369 regard regarded regarded regards regarding
    370 relate related related relates relating
    371 relax relaxed relaxed relaxes relaxing
    372 remove removed removed removes removing
    373 repair repaired repaired repairs repaiering
    374 replace replaced replaced replaces replacing
    375 reply replied replied replies replying
    376 report reported reported reports reporting
    377 request requested requested requests requesting
    378 resell resold resold resells reselling
    379 reset reset reset resets reseting
    380 resolve resolved resolved resolves resolving
    381 respect respected respected respects respecting
    382 retain retained retained retains retaining
    383 return returned returned returns returning
    384 review reviewed reviewed reviews reviewing
    385 ride rode ridden rides riding
    386 rid rid rid rids ridding
    387 ring rang rung rings ringing
    388 rise rose risen rises rising
    389 roll rolled rolled rolls rolling
    390 rule ruled ruled rules ruling
    391 run rang run runs running
    392 sacrifice sacrificed sacrificed sacrifices sacrificing
    393 sample sampled sampled samples sampling
    394 sate sated sated sates sating
    395 satisfy satisfied satisfied satisfies satisfying
    396 save saved saved saves saving
    397 saw sawed sawn saws sawing
    398 say said said says saying
    399 scale scaled scaled scales scaling
    400 search searched searched searches searching
    401 seat seated seated seats seating
    402 see saw seen sees seeing
    403 seek sought sought seeks seeking
    404 seem seemed seemed seems seeming
    405 select selected selected selects selecting
    406 sell sold sold sells selling
    407 send sent sent sends sending
    408 separate separated separated speparates separating
    409 set set set sets setting
    410 sever severed severed severs severing
    411 sew sewed sewn sews sewing
    412 shake shook shaken shakes shaking
    413 shape shaped shaped shapes shaping
    414 share shared shared shares sharing
    415 shine shone shone shines shining
    416 shock shocked shocked shocks shocking
    417 show showed shown shows showing
    418 sight sighted sighted sights sighting
    419 signal signalled signalled signals signalling
    420 signify signified signified signifies signifying
    421 sing sang sung sings singing
    422 sit sat sat sits sitting
    423 sleep slept slept sleeps sleeping
    424 slide slid slid slides sliding
    425 slim slimmed slimmed slims slimming
    426 smile smiled smiled smiles smiling
    427 smooth smoothed smoothed smoothes smoothing
    428 snap snapped snapped snaps snapping
    429 sob sobbed sobbed sobs sobbing
    430 solve solved solved solves solving
    431 sort sorted sorted sorts sorting
    432 sow sowed sowed sows sowing
    433 speak spoke spoken speaks speaking
    434 speed sped sped speeds speeding
    435 spend spent spent spents spentign
    436 stand stood stood stands standing
    437 start started stared stares starting
    438 state stated stated states stating
    439 stay stayed stayed stays staying
    440 steep steeped steeped steeps steeping
    441 step stepped stepped steps stepping
    442 stop stopped stopped stops stopping
    443 store stored stored stores storing
    444 stray strayed strayed strays straying
    445 study studied studiedq studies studying
    446 submit submitted submitted submits submitting
    447 subscribe subscribed subscribed subscribes subscribing
    448 suck sucked sucked sucks sucking
    449 suggest suggested suggested suggests suggesting
    450 support supported supported supports supporting
    451 suppose supposed supposed supposes supposing
    452 take took taken takes taking
    453 talk talked talked takes taking
    454 tap tapped tapped taps tapping
    455 taste tasted tasted tastes tasting
    456 tax taxed taxted taxes taxing
    457 teach taught taught teaches teaching
    458 tell told told tellls telling
    459 tend tended tended tempts tempting
    460 test tested tested tests testing
    461 thank thanked thanked thanks thanking
    462 think thought thought thinks thinking
    463 throw threw thrown throws throwing
    464 tie tied tied ties tying
    465 toss tossed tossed tosses tossing
    466 touch touched touched touches touching
    467 transfer transferred transformed transforms transforming
    468 travel travelled travelled travels travelling
    469 try tried tried tries trying
    470 turn turned turned turns turning
    471 type typed typed types typing
    472 understand understood understood understands understanding
    473 undo undid undone undoes undoing
    474 upset upset upset upsets upsetting
    475 use used used uses using
    476 value valued valued values valuing
    477 verify verified verified verifies verifying
    478 view viewed viewed views viewing
    479 wake woke woken wakes waking
    480 walk walked walked walks walking
    481 wander wandered wandered wanders wandering
    482 want wanted wanted wants wanting
    483 warn warned warned warns warning
    484 waste wasted wasted wastes wasting
    485 watch watched watched watches watching
    486 water watered watered waters watering
    487 wave waved waved waves waving
    488 wear wore worn wears wearing
    489 weave wove woven weaves weaving
    490 welcome welcomed welcomed welcomes welcoming
    491 wet wet wet wets wetting
    492 win won won wins winning
    493 wind wound wound winds winding
    494 wish wished wished wishes wishing
    495 withdraw withdrew withdrawn withdraws withdrawing
    496 work worked worked works working
    497 worship worshipped worshipped worshps worshipping
    498 write wrote written writes writing
    499 yawn yawned yawned yawns yawnign
    500 zoom zoomed zoomed zooms zooming

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