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English is the most used as an official language in the world. So, to go anywhere in the world you have to be able to make a frequent English conversation.

Conversation in English makes you expressing yourself globally but it is a hard truth that we all know English but we many don’t have the knowledge how to use English to make a good conversation and due to this we can’t express ourselves and sometimes lose the opportunity.

We are not going to teach you English here as we will show you how you can apply your knowing English into a conversation easily. So welcome to our English conversation world.

English Conversation Topic List

  1. Find a partner: It's best to find someone who is a native speaker or at a similar level of English proficiency.
  2. Choose a topic: You can discuss anything you want, but it may be helpful to choose a topic in advance so you have something to focus on.
  3. Take turns speaking: One person speaks for a minute or two, then the other person speaks for a minute or two. Try to keep the conversation going by asking questions and making comments.
  4. Correct each other: If your partner makes a mistake, gently correct them. This is a great way to learn from each other.
  5. Practice regularly: The more you practice, the better your English conversation skills will become.

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