ESL Conversation Questions about Pollution - 10 ways to reduce Pollution

What kinds of Pollution are there in your country?

What are 10 ways to reduce Pollution?

  1. Avoid products with excessive packaging.
  2. Reduce your energy consumption.
  3. Use green cleaning products.
  4. Weatherize your home.
  5. Plant trees and gardens.
  6. Switch to public transportation or carpool whenever possible.
  7. Combine errands to reduce the number of trips you take.
  8. Walk or ride a bike for short trips.
  9. Recycle and compost as much as possible.
  10. Buy recycled products.

esl Conversation Question About Pollution

As a class, Discuss the Following Questions:

  1. How many kinds of pollution are there?
  2. What type of pollution is popular in your country?
  3. Have you ever littered?
  4. What can you do to help prevent pollution?
  5. What does the government do to encourage people to protect the environment?
  6. Are people in your country aware of the environmental issues?
  7. Is there any law to force people to protect the environment?
  8. What can we do to prevent pollution?
  9. What are 10 ways to reduce pollution?
  10. Why should we stop pollution?
  11. How do humans cause pollution?
  12. What causes pollution for kids?
  13. What can governments do to help protect the environment?
  14. What government takes care of the environment?
  15. What are the common environmental problems in your country?
  16. What can you say about environmental issues?
  17. Is protecting the environment a human right?
  18. What is environmental law in Sri Lanka?
  19. What are the main environmental problems in Sri Lanka?
  20. What are 7 pollution types? Answer
    • Air pollution.
    • Water pollution.
    • Soil pollution.
    • Noise pollution.
    • Radioactive pollution.
    • Light pollution.
    • Thermal pollution.
  21. What are the 5 major types of pollution?
  22. What is the most common pollution?
  23. What are 4 pollution types? Answer
    • Water pollution.
    • Air pollution.
    • Solid waste pollution.
    • Noise pollution.
  24. Who died from air pollution? WHO: 4.2 million premature deaths per year.

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