ESL Conversation Questions about Accidents - Woman Accident Story

What is the accident story about? Yes - Woman Accident Story

The accident story is about a woman who was in a car accident and suffered a significant brain injury. She was in a coma for six months and had to relearn how to walk and communicate when she awoke.

Accident Story About Sarah

The woman in the story is named Sarah and she was in her early twenties when the accident happened. She was driving home from work one day when she was hit by a drunk driver. The impact of the accident caused her to suffer a significant brain injury.

Sarah was in a coma for six months after the accident. When she woke up, she had to learn how to walk and talk again. The story follows Sarah as she tries to rebuild her life after the accident.

esl Conversation Question About Accidents

As a class, Discuss the Following Questions:

  1. Have you ever been in any traffic accident?
  2. What happened?
  3. How did you feel then?
  4. Who was involved in the accident?
  5. Did the insurance company pay for repair service?
  6. Did you need a lawyer?
  7. Did you report the issue to the police?
  8. Were you sent to the hospital after the accident?
  9. Do you have a driving license?
  10. Why should people obey traffic regulations?
  11. Do you think you are a good driver?
  12. What are the qualities of a good driver?
  13. How strict are the traffic laws in your country?
  14. What do your friends say about your driving?
  15. What to tell someone who is driving?
  16. Why does driving around make me happy?
  17. How do you say I met in an accident?
  18. What is a good sentence for accident?
  19. What is the accident story about?
  20. Where does the accident take place?
  21. Who is the deaf girl in the accident?
  22. Which type of insurance will pay for the repair of your vehicle?
  23. How do I claim car insurance repair?
  24. What happens when something is reported to the police?
  25. What is the most common complaint against police?

If you have any doubts, please tell me know.

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