ESL Conversation Questions about Success

Are all successful people happy? Why or why not?

Not everyone successful is happy. Some people are successful in their professions yet dissatisfied in their personal life. Others may be successful in their personal life but not professional ones.

And some people can be successed in both their professional and personal lives while still being unhappy.Many factors contribute to happiness, and success is just one of them.

esl Conversation Question About Success

As a class, Discuss the Following Questions:

  1. What success did you achieve?
  2. When did you get that success?
  3. Was there anyone who supported you?
  4. Was it hard to get that success?
  5. What were some difficulties in achieving success?
  6. How did you get it?
  7. How did you feel when you were successful?
  8. How did your life change after that success?
  9. What is your key to success?
  10. What small successes have you had today?
  11. Does a person's health have anything form a failure in the past?
  12. How would you define success?
  13. How do your parents define success?
  14. Are all successful people happy? Why or why not?
  15. How can a poor person be successful?
  16. Who is the most successful person you Know?

If you have any doubts, please tell me know.

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