ESL Conversation Question about Transportation

Conversation Question and Answer Transportation

What's your favorite form of transportation?

I like to travel by car because it's more comfortable and you can see more of the scenery.

esl Conversation Question About Transportation

As a class, Discuss the Following Questions:

  • What is the most popular means of transport in your country?
  • How do you go to school or work?
  • How often do you take busses?
  • Do people in your country like traveling by bus?
  • What are some benefits of traveling by bicycle?
  • Do you prefer public transport or private transport?
  • Do you think bus should replace other means of transport?
  • What do the government do to encourage people to use public transport?
  • How has the transport changed recently?
  • Do you often use public transportation?
  • Does your mother have a driver's license?
  • What do you need to do in your country to get a driver's license?
  • What do you think is the most dangerous form of transportation? Why?
  • What's your favorite color for a car?
  • Do you feel safe when you use public transportation?
  • What's your favorite form of transportation?

If you have any doubts, please tell me know.

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