Top Verbs That Starting With Q With Examples

Top Verbs That Starting With Q With Examples

Top Verbs That Starting With Q With Examples: Top 10 Verb, action verb, positive verb, strong verb, question verb, negative verb.

Top 10 verbs that start with Q with examples

Quit - She decided to quit her job and pursue her passion for painting.

Question - I often question the decisions made by the management.

Quarrel - They used to be best friends, but now they constantly quarrel with each other.

Qualify - To qualify for the scholarship, you need to meet certain academic criteria.

Quicken - The excitement in the room quickened as the performer took the stage.

Quell - The police were called in to quell the riot and restore order.

Quantify - It's challenging to quantify the impact of climate change on our environment.

Quench - He tried to quench his thirst with a cold glass of water.

Quest - The hero embarked on a quest to find the lost treasure.

Quicken - The aroma of fresh-baked bread can quicken anyone's appetite.

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Top 10 Action Verbs that Start with Q with Examples

Quicken - His heartbeat quickened as he approached the finish line.

Quell - The police worked to quell the protest before it turned violent.

Question - She questioned the suspect about his whereabouts.

Quibble - They would often quibble over minor details during their meetings.

Quicken - He tried to quicken his pace to catch the bus.

Quiet - The teacher asked the students to quiet down and pay attention.

Quiver - The leaves on the tree quivered in the breeze.

Quench - She quenched her thirst with a cold glass of water.

Query - He queried the database to retrieve the relevant information.

Quarrel - They had a quarrel over who should do the dishes.

Top 10 verbs that start with Q with Question examples

1. Query - Can you query the database for recent sales data?

2. Question - Why did you question his motives?

Quicken - Could you quicken the pace of the project?

Quibble - Why do you always quibble about minor details?

Qualify - Can you qualify for a discount with this membership?

Quench - How can we quench our thirst on this hot day?

Quantify - Can you quantify the impact of this policy change?

Quarrel - Why did they quarrel with their neighbors?

Quarantine - Should we quarantine those who have been exposed to the virus?

Queue - Why is everyone queuing up outside the store?

Top 10 Positive verbs that start with Q with examples

Quicken - His words quickened my heart rate.

Quench - Drinking water quenches your thirst.

Quest - She quested for knowledge her whole life.

Quiet - The teacher asked the class to quiet down.

Quell - They managed to quell the opposition with diplomacy.

Quip - His humorous quips always brighten the mood.

Quicken - The team's success quickened their motivation.

Quote - She liked to quote inspirational sayings.

Qualify - He worked hard to qualify for the competition.

Question - She encouraged her students to question everything.

Top 10 verbs that start with Q with Negative examples

Quarrel - They often quarrel about trivial matters.

Question - He refused to question the authority's decision.

Quell - They couldn't quell the growing discontent among the workers.

Quit - She won't quit smoking despite the health risks.

Quibble - He tends to quibble over the smallest details.

Quench - They struggled to quench their thirst in the scorching heat.

Quarantine - Being in quarantine can be lonely and isolating.

Quash - The court decided to quash the charges against him.

Quantify - It's difficult to quantify the impact of climate change.

Quiet - The party next door was anything but quiet.


60+ List of Verbs that Begin with Q

  1. Quack
  2. Quackle
  3. Quadrate
  4. Quadruple
  5. Quaff
  6. Quail
  7. Quake
  8. Qualify
  9. Qualm
  10. Quantify
  11. Quantise
  12. Quantitate
  13. Quantize
  14. Quap
  15. Quarantine
  16. Quarrel
  17. Quarry
  18. Quarter
  19. Quarterback
  20. Quash
  21. Quat
  22. Quave
  23. Quaver
  24. Quech
  25. Queck
  26. Queen
  27. Queer
  28. Quelch
  29. Quell
  30. Queme
  31. Quench
  32. Querl
  33. Query
  34. Quest
  35. Question
  36. Quetch
  37. Queue
  38. Quibble
  39. Quich
  40. Quick
  41. Quicken
  42. Quickstep
  43. Quiet
  44. Quieten
  45. Quill
  46. Quilt
  47. Quinch
  48. Quintuple
  49. Quip
  50. Quirk
  51. Quirl
  52. Quit
  53. Quiver
  54. Quiz
  55. Quob
  56. Quoif
  57. Quoin
  58. Quoit
  59. Quop
  60. Quote
  61. Quoth
  62. Querken
  63. Quiesce
  64. Quadruplicate
  65. Quiddle
  66. Quitclaim

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