Top Verbs That Starting With J With Examples

Top Verbs That Starting With J With Examples

Top 10 Verbs That Starting With J With Examples: including action verbs, positive verbs, strong verbs, question verbs, and negative verbs.

Top 10 verbs that start with J with Examples

Jump - She likes to jump on the trampoline.

Jog - He jogs in the park every morning.

Juggle - Sarah can juggle three balls at once.

Join - Will you join us for dinner tonight?

Judge - It's not fair to judge people based on appearances.

Jam - The traffic jam delayed our arrival.

Jerk - He jerked the cord to turn off the light.

Jolt - The sudden noise jolted me awake.

Jest - They like to jest and tell jokes.

Justify - Can you justify your decision to the team?

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Top Verbs That Starting With J With Examples

Top 10 Action verbs that start with J with Examples

Jump - He likes to jump off the diving board at the pool.

Jog - She decided to jog around the park for her morning exercise.

Juggle - He can juggle three balls at once.

Judge - It's not fair to judge someone based on their appearance.

Jam - They had to jam the brakes to avoid a collision.

Jolt - The sudden earthquake jolted the entire city.

Jab - He used his boxing skills to jab at his opponent.

Jive - They love to jive to the rhythm of swing music.

Jet - The plane will jet off to its destination in a few minutes.

Jaw - She had to jaw with her colleagues about the project's progress.

120+ List of Verbs that start with J

  1. Job
  2. Jockey
  3. Jog
  4. Joggle
  5. Join
  6. Joinder
  7. Joint
  8. Joist
  9. Joke
  10. Jole
  11. Joll
  12. Jollify
  13. Jolly
  14. Jab
  15. Jabber
  16. Jack
  17. Jacket
  18. Jail-break
  19. Jam
  20. Jamb
  21. Jampack
  22. Jangle
  23. Jant
  24. Jap
  25. Japan
  26. Jape
  27. Jar
  28. Jarble
  29. Jargle
  30. Jargon
  31. Jasperize
  32. Jaunce
  33. Jaundice
  34. Jaunt
  35. Javelin
  36. Jaw
  37. Jawbone
  38. Jawn
  39. Jaywalk
  40. Jazz
  41. Jazzify
  42. Jee
  43. Jackhammer
  44. Jack-knife
  45. Jacklight
  46. Jackrabbit
  47. Jacobinize
  48. Jaculate
  49. Jacuzzi
  50. Jade
  51. Jag
  52. Jagg
  53. Jail
  54. Jeer
  55. Jeff
  56. Jell
  57. Jellify
  58. Jelly
  59. Jemmy
  60. Jeopard
  61. Jeopardise
  62. Jeopardize
  63. Jeopardy
  64. Jerk
  65. Jerry-build
  66. Jest
  67. Jet
  68. Jet-ski
  69. Jettison
  70. Jetty
  71. Jew
  72. Jewel
  73. Jib
  74. Jibe
  75. Jig
  76. Jigger
  77. Jiggle
  78. Jillick
  79. Jilt
  80. Jimmy
  81. Jingle
  82. Jinx
  83. Jitter
  84. Jive
  85. Jizz
  86. Jolt
  87. Josh
  88. Jostle
  89. Jot
  90. Jouk
  91. Joul
  92. Jounce
  93. Journal
  94. Journalize
  95. Journey
  96. Joust
  97. Jowl
  98. Joy
  99. Joy-pop
  100. Joyride
  101. Jubilate
  102. Judaize
  103. Judder
  104. Judge
  105. Judgment
  106. Judicable
  107. Jug
  108. Juggle
  109. Jugulate
  110. Juice
  111. Juke
  112. Julienne
  113. Jumar
  114. Jumble
  115. Jump
  116. Jump-start
  117. Jumpweld
  118. Junk
  119. Junket
  120. Junketeer
  121. Jury
  122. Justice
  123. Justify
  124. Justle
  125. Jut
  126. Jutty
  127. Juxtapose
  128. Juxtaposit

Top 10 verbs that start with J with Question Examples

Jump - Did you see him jump over the fence?

Jog - How often do you jog in the park?

Juggle - Can you juggle three balls at once?

Join - Will you join us for dinner tonight?

Judge - How do you judge the quality of this artwork?

Jest - Can you share a jest or funny story with us?

Jolt - Did the sudden loud noise jolt you awake?

Jab - Have you ever had to jab someone with a needle?

Jerk - Why did he jerk the steering wheel so suddenly?

Jeer - Did anyone jeer at the speaker during the presentation?

Top 10 Positive verbs that start with J with Examples

Joy - She joyfully celebrated her birthday with friends.

Jump - The children jumped with excitement when they saw the ice cream truck.

Jubilate - The team jubilated after winning the championship.

Jovialize - His jokes always jovialize the atmosphere at parties.

Jollify - The decorations jollified the room for the holiday season.

Jettison - They decided to jettison the old equipment to make room for new technology.

Journey - They journeyed through the mountains to reach the remote village.

Jazz - The new paint color jazzed up the room.

Join - He decided to join the community garden to meet new people.

Justify - She tried to justify her actions in the meeting.

Top 10 verbs that start with J with Negative Examples

Jump - She didn't jump over the puddle.

Jog - He didn't jog in the morning.

Juggle - They couldn't juggle all the tasks.

Judge - I shouldn't judge others based on appearance.

Join - She didn't want to join the club.

Jest - He shouldn't jest about serious matters.

Jolt - The smooth ride didn't jolt us.

Jab - He didn't jab at the target accurately.

Jerk - She didn't jerk the steering wheel abruptly.

Jeopardize - He wouldn't jeopardize the project's success.


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